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Stulberg & Walsh, LLP (formerly Broach & Stulberg, LLP) is a New York-based law firm dedicated to providing expert counsel and representation to individual employees and classes of employees, public- and private-sector labor unions, employee benefit plans, and disability rights organizations.

Founded in 1985, our firm offers a wealth of experience in all aspects of workplace and disability rights law. The firm has earned a reputation among clients for its knowledgeable and responsive service, and has won respect within the labor and employment and disability rights bars for careful selection of cases, meticulous preparation, and the highest quality of work.

We represent individual employees and classes of employees in the United States and abroad, with an emphasis on executives and professionals in a wide variety of workplaces, including financial services, corporate enterprise, media and entertainment, academia, medicine, health care, technology, construction, and governmental/ non-governmental organizations. We offer deep expertise in negotiation and drafting of employment, retention, separation, severance, executive compensation, expatriate assignment, and secondment agreements, as well as mediation, arbitration and litigation of employment disputes, including: discrimination and retaliation claims based on sex, gender, sexual harassment, race, age, national origin, religion, pregnancy, parenthood, sexual orientation, disability, and whistleblowing; and claims involving wages, hours, bonuses, commissions, breach of contract, breach of the covenants of good faith and fair dealing, fraudulent inducement, defamation, non-competition, non-solicitation, change in control, and duty of loyalty.

We also represent public-sector and private-sector labor unions in the full range of matters arising under federal, state and local labor and civil service laws, including collective bargaining negotiations, grievances, arbitrations, mediations, investigations, administrative hearings, and judicial proceedings. Among the labor law issues we handle are unit representation, unfair/improper labor practices, contract enforcement, prevailing wages and benefits, trade jurisdiction, public works procurement, and responsible contracting. Our local and international union clients represent employees in a wide range of industries, including civil service, construction, manufacturing, public utilities, transportation, engineering, medicine, health care, hospitality and entertainment.

We also have represented collectively-bargained employee benefit funds in a wide range of matters, including preparation and drafting of trust agreements and other plan documents, plan administration, compliance with local, state and federal regulations, fiduciary responsibility, contribution collections, withdrawal liability, plan termination, and litigation. Our employee benefit clients include multi-employer benefit funds at the local and international levels.

We also represent individuals and disability rights organizations in class action lawsuits to protect disabled people’s entitlement to equal access to public facilities and public accommodations. We represent plaintiffs in actions against employers who refuse to provide reasonable workplace accommodations, discriminate on the basis of disability or perceived disability, or retaliate in response to complaints of such discrimination. In addition, we represent plaintiffs with claims against insurance carriers that fail to meet their obligations under individual and group disability income policies.

We also provide expert appellate advocacy and advice for all stages of appellate practice, including identifying appellate issues, formulating appellate strategy, filing leave applications and oppositions, preparing appellate and amicus briefs, and presenting oral argument. The firm’s partners, who have briefed and argued hundreds of appeals in a wide range of complex employment, constitutional, civil rights, and administrative matters, can serve as primary appellate counsel in: complex, high-stakes appeals; represent advocacy organizations as amicus counsel in matters of public importance; and provide thoughtful, sophisticated assistance to trial counsel in assessing, taking and defending state and federal court appeals.

In all of these practice areas, Stulberg & Walsh LLP brings a thorough knowledge of the law, responsive service by highly experienced attorneys, and dedication to serving the needs and objectives of our clients.

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